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让我想一想 用英语怎么说?let me think

英文原文: let me think for a while let me think for some minutes 英式音标: [let] [miː] [θɪŋk] [fɔː; fə] [ə; eɪ] [waɪl] [let] [miː] [θɪŋk] [fɔː; fə] [s...

Let me see [词典] 让我想想; [例句]Now let me see, who's the man we want? 现在让我看一看,谁是我们要找的人?

都不对应该是 let me see. let me have a think.let me think about it.let me think it over.

Let me think about it. 让我想一想。

Let me think it over.

让我想一想 演唱:陈绮贞 漫步在荒原 我想找一棵栖身的树 有阳光 有流水 还有微风吹 该如何面对 这未知的一切 让自己的思绪沉淀 随著天色的改变 心情的外衣也要多加一件 这些对 那些好 我想追 我想逃 其实我也害怕 可不可以就这样停下来 我要多...

Wait a minute.Let me see.

What is four hundred and ninety-three minus two hundred and ninety-three?Can you give me the answer at once? Oh, Let me think.

1.What class are you on Wednesday afternoon? Let me think. I think of lesson and science lesson. 2. Look at Mr Xu's home page. 3. My uncle doesn't like to play table tennis, he likes to play billiards. 4. I don't need to potato...

-I am looking for my notebook,would you mind me going into your room? -no,please. -Let me think, I think my notebook may be on your desk. -Yes, I can see it.Here you are.

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