Excuse me, can you give me a picture to have a look 望采纳

Please have me look at the photos. Please have me take /have a look at the photos. Please give me a look at the photos. Please show me the photos.

可以发你相片看看吗”——用英文怎么说?Can you send your photos? I would like to see them.

其实“写真”是从日文里用过来的,日文里同样是照片的意思。因此,平时我们都会说“写真”或者“照片”来说照出来的相片,特别地,我们中国“写真”更倾向说是人物的肖像照。 于是英文里面,写真集是photo album 或者 portrait collection。换而言之,写...

can you send your photos to us

Please look at this picture.

yes think

要委婉的说法,最好用疑问句。 May I see your photo? 再婉转点的话,可以说: I was wondering if it is possible for me to have a look at your photo?

Show me your photo first.

I cannot see your picture

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